Ontario municipalities are required under O.Reg 366/18: Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways to patrol their roads regularly and document ongoing maintenance and service needs. The ability to effectively track these patrols and document necessary information is pivotal to ongoing municipal operations. The Municipality of Southwest Middlesex is using Citywide Route Patrol to transition their previous paper-based system to route management software, contributing to time savings and improved information for effective record keeping.

The Municipality uses Citywide Route Patrol to coordinate and capture data during road and winter patrols, while grading and plowing roads, replacing signs etc. Any work orders or service requests created in Route Patrol go directly to the Municipality’s maintenance management system, seamlessly creating the request, ensuring that no necessary maintenance or citizen concern is missed.

Previously, staff were using a paper-based system, leading to time loss and inaccurate record keeping. Staff and contractors would document their patrols and asset information using a binder system, with no integration into their maintenance management or asset management systems. This process was unreliable, with information often being misplaced or left undocumented. In addition, it was time-consuming. Staff estimate they will save between $5,000 – $8,000 per year since implementing and using Citywide Route Patrol. The patrol management system can be used directly by the Municipality’s contractors, contributing to ongoing time savings and data accuracy with grading and asset information being documented directly in the field and synced through Route Patrol.

“Route Patrol gives staff all the information on each file and that is invaluable for the Municipality’s overarching operations.”

– Greg Storms, Director of Operations, Municipality of Southwest Middlesex

The Municipality has greatly benefitted from the return on information from Route Patrol as staff will often be asked to provide evidence or disclosure for disputes on traffic violations or vehicle collisions. With the information available through Route Patrol, staff are able to provide accurate time-stamped data on road conditions, when a deficiency was recorded in the system, and when

the deficiency was resolved, all in compliance with Ontario’s minimum maintenance standards reporting. Therefore, any time there is a phone call or customer complaint, they can get a quick  response back and get recall for any future litigation, limiting risk for the Municipality.

One of the foremost benefits for the Municipality is the integration with each of their Citywide modules. Information collected in the field through Route Patrol is synced with Citywide Asset Manager and Maintenance Manager. This enables seamless record keeping, collection of condition assessments, and creation of work orders and service requests. Staff have also noticed an improvement in the collection of accurate data through the use of Route Patrol. Further, the improved data assists with overall service delivery within the Municipality and in maintaining the desired levels of service within the community.

Overall, implementing the Citywide Route Patrol module has greatly improved the Municipality’s day-to-day operations and contributed to significant time savings, improved data accuracy, and return on information.

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