PSD Research enhances organizational capacity through the sharing of leading practices

by our team of experts and network of global industry professionals.


PSD’s team of research and policy analysts is well versed in the trends, requirements, eligibility, and assessment criteria for municipal grant funding programs. Trained in public policy and administration, with years of experience working with municipal governments, our analysts are well equipped to assist with the completion of municipal grant funding applications.


The Municipal Resource Centre (MRC) provides municipalities with a comprehensive digital database of policies, reporting templates and legislative requirements. Resources are categorized by province/territory/state and by department, allowing a simple navigation to find the resources that fit our specific needs.


PSD conducts ongoing research based on the strategic priorities of our clients, members, and project partners. With our team of policy analysts, researchers and communications specialists, PSD develops and delivers applied research projects oriented for public sector decision-makers.


Our webinar series provides a unique online forum for experts and innovators to share their best practices with leaders and policy practitioners around the world, equipping our audience with tools and techniques to address their most pressing challenges. Register your team for an upcoming PSD Webinar!


The Open Cities Index (OCI) was developed in partnership with the Open Data Exchange (ODX) in order to audit existing programs and allow participating organizations to compare their open data practices against those in their peer group. The OCI Virtual Round Table Series brings together Canada’s open data leaders for quarterly discussions of open data challenges, solutions, and best practices.

The Geospatial Maturity Index

The Geospatial Maturity Index (GMI) is a public sector benchmarking initiative to assist with GIS program development and capacity building across organizations. . The GMI serves to audit existing GIS programs with real-time accurate and comprehensive comparative data for public sector organizations to compare themselves against their peer groups and track their progress over time based on specific core competencies.