What it can do for your business

Report Designer allows the creation of reports the way you want it. Summarize by different categories, drill down into details and even distribute the reports and charts to targeted recipients, all while eliminating the time-consuming task of building the reports in excel.

Design as many reports as you want

Slice and dice data any way you want and create a report any time you need one without having to ask for your IT department’s assistance.

Reveal the impact of a budget change

Retrieve budget data from multiple scenarios and compare the changes as you move through the budget process.

Provide more information and improve analysis

Use categories or trees/hierarchies to classify and summarize data then drill down into other categories for a unique perspective on the data and into the GL account for greater detail.

Key Features


  • The same report can be run for any calendar year or budget year.
  • The same report can be run for a specific department, division or the whole organization … or all of the above at the same time.
  • The user sees only data they have been given access to.


  • Email reports based on a distribution list.
  • Email reports on an ad hoc basis.
  • Use the Job Scheduler module to automate this process for a specific schedule and frequency.


  • Print charts alongside the report data.
  • An unlimited number of charts can be designed off of the same report data.