What it can do for your business

Reporting enables you to summarize budget data by different categories, drill down into details and even distribute the reports and charts to targeted recipients, all while eliminating the time-consuming task of building the reports in excel.

Powerful report generation

for a specific department, division or the whole organization. Slice and dice data any way you want and create reports as needed without requiring assistance from IT.

Better Communication

of the budget impact by retrieving budget data from multiple scenarios and comparing the changes.

Efficient and effective reporting

via email reports on a scheduled frequency.

Key Features


  • Visually design the report format and layout based on user requirements
  • Through the visualizer you can edit the layout and immediately execute the report to see the results


  • Report design and editing features are secured ensuring that users have access to only authorized data


  • Drill down to the budget details and other source data and view any comments attributable to the numbers


  • A comprehensive charting feature that includes a variety of chart types in plain or 3-D formats


  • All data (budget and actuals) from the Operating and Capital modules can be incorporated into reports in one central location
  • Results can be distributed across the organization through e-mail or file transfer