Effective performance measurement requires consistency and standardization – a significant challenge when benchmarking across public sector organizations.
This is particularly true in areas of service delivery that are highly technical, like open data and GIS.

PSD Benchmarking provides a leading platform for public sector organizations to measure performance in open data and GIS programs. Through the dissemination of two annual surveys, PSD gathers detailed and standardized data related to open data and geospatial maturity in the public sector. Using this comprehensive and standardized data, PSD publishes two annual reports: the Open Cities Index (OCI) and the Geospatial Maturity Index (GMI).

Organizations that complete one or both surveys receive their individual score and ranking for the OCI and GMI, contributing to enhanced performance measurement as public sector organizations seek to understand where they have gaps in open data and GIS maturity. Survey respondents can use the annual results to measure their performance improvements over time and against improvements made by similar types and sizes of organizations.


The OCI measures the maturity of open data programs in municipalities and other public sector organizations using a standardized annual survey. First launched in 2015, the OCI has helped government organizations build awareness and capacity related to open data programming – generally understood as the publication of government data sets to be accessed freely by the public.


First launching in 2018, the GMI measures the maturity of an organization’s GIS (geographic information system) program. GIS teams or programs consist of skilled geospatial technicians, using location data to enhance decision-making capabilities, corporate communications, analysis, government transparency, and much more.

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The Benchmark Blog explores industry trends and emerging insights related to open data and geospatial initiatives in the public sector.

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