The Province of New Brunswick is receiving applications for the Environmental Trust Fund. The Fund provides financial support to New Brunswick communities for action-oriented projects that produce measurable benefits for the environment.

About the Application:


  • Community groups
  • NB municipalities
  • First Nations
  • Non-profit NB organizations
  • Institutions furthering sustainable development

Eligible Projects

There are six project categories:

  • Protection of essential ecological processes, biological diversity, and renewable and non-renewable resources at an environmentally sustainable level
  • Restoration and enhancement of the quality and sustainability of air, land, and water resources
  • Sustainable development through activities that project and enhance resources and natural environment with integration of economic, social, and environmental objectives
  • Conservation or promotion of conservation of natural resources
  • Education to develop, improve, or expand programs and support university research which address environmental issues and the principles of sustainable development
  • Beautification to maintain and enhance the visual environment


  • November 30, 2019

Need help with your application? PSD’s team of policy analysts can review or complete your grant application. For more information, contact