What it can do for your business

Operating includes a highly flexible and productive user-interface and an array of modeling and data manipulation capabilities. Track budget changes, make comments, create notes, drill down to item details and monitor budget submissions.

Exercise precise control over the budgeting process

while distributing budget preparation and analysis throughout your organization.

Sophisticated Security System

ensures fine-grained control of sensitive data.

Reveal the impact of a budget change

With multiple views and reports on a specific account, department, division or the whole organization.

Key Features


  • Selected data can be increased or decreased by specified percentages or amounts
  • Data can be spread based on historical trends or simply spread evenly across budget periods
  • Data can be “pushed” or “pulled” to reflect delays


  • Manage the budget approval process through multi-level workflow routings
  • With role based security and e-mail distribution, the appropriate data is distributed and its status communicated to each user during the budget and forecasting process.


  • Tool allowing budget to be allocated based on percentages or other drivers
  • Calculations tool to combine or change sets of data based on defined formulas
  • Reforecast tool to generate forecasts by combining budgets and YTD actuals.


  • See all years in one view or create separate data inputs for each year
  • Roll the current year budget to become next year’s starting point.


  • Track every change made to the budget
  • Track who made the change, when and why it was made.