The Ontario Government is now accepting applications from municipalities for local infrastructure projects under the new Local Government sub-stream of the COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure stream. Of the $1.05 billion in federal-provincial funding through the COVID-19 Resilience Stream under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP), $250 million is being allocated towards the Local Government sub-stream.

Eligible Projects:

  • Infrastructure to support physical distancing
  • Social infrastructure
  • Active transportation
  • Disaster mitigation projects

Each municipality is allocated a certain amount of funding for which they can apply, with a minimum allocation of $100,000. Successful projects will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis and be nominated by the Province to the federal government for approval by March 2021.

Municipalities must apply through the Transfer Payments Ontario website.


  • December 21, 2020 for municipalities submitting a single project
  • January 7, 2021 for those submitting multiple projects

PSD can assist with identifying projects and completing applications, click here to learn more about our grant services.