As climate change becomes an increasing focal point for decision makers in the public sector, more nuance and detail is required to create sufficient and corresponding policy. PSD, together with Environment and Climate Change Canada, has created an interactive dashboard to highlight emissions trends in Canada since 2000 across all transportation sectors. Ranging from light-duty vehicles (LDVs) to aviation, PSD has both collected the necessary data and created a dashboard to guide the ECCC in internal decision making.

Several notable trends include:

  • Ontario has nearly accounted for 50% of total LDVs since 2000 and its share has only increased since then
  • HDV counts have sharply declined in terms of overall share; BC’s, however, has significantly increased
  • Marine craft usage has generally declined since 2000, after peaking in 2004; emissions as well

Transportation GHG Emissions Dashboard for ECCC

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