What it can do for your business

CityWide Maintenance Manager is a web-based, work order/work-flow application designed to enable organizations to prioritize, schedule and track maintenance requests, events and projects.

Easy and Effective Resources Calculation

What exact resources do you utilize? How much of your inventory is consumed? What are the direct/indirect labour costs?

Create and Track Service Requests and Work Orders

Manage all your service requests and work orders and assign them to workers or contractors.

Easy Cross-systems Integration

The application seamlessly integrates with all modules within the CityWide suite and other existing financial systems.

Key Features


  • Allow administrators to view a range of reports and graphs
  • Help identify areas of improvement and high cost to improve efficiency


  • Add preventative maintenance events to assets
  • Get notifications when they should be performed and can easily be turned into work orders


  • View and edit Work Orders in the field in real time
  • Allow workers to see their current location and any Work Orders assigned to them so they can prioritize their day
  • Pictures can be attached directly from the device


  • Built-in Route Patrol
  • Manage vendors and suppliers
  • Attach documents, pictures or manuals
  • Built-in GIS viewer that offers integration with existing GIS systems

New Features

  • Create Detailed and Customizable Inspection Work Orders

Inspection Work Orders have all the same features and functions that a standard Work Order has in the Works module, but enables you to assign a Result (i.e. Pass or Fail) to the Inspection Work Order. The result is determined by the completion of tasks that can be customized to the specific Inspection Work Order and to your municipality’s unique needs.

To ensure that Inspections are completed on time and stay up-to-date, Inspection Work Orders can be assigned to specific workers as well as target dates and times and can be filled out by workers in real time, ensuring that all inspection data is up-to-date and municipal inspection requirements are on target.

  • Streamline Inspection Reporting

Having Inspection Work Orders in a CMMS allows for you to streamline your organization’s inspection reporting process when required. Users are able to generate reports of inspections based on status, date, type and result.

Inspection reports provide you with the ease to perform explanatory and preventative actions in accordance with your municipality’s inspection requirements and regulations.