In 2017, Canadian Water Network and the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association partnered with Public Sector Digest to look at what asset data is being collected by Canadian municipalities/utilities and how it is being used.

The report highlights potential challenges in the reliability of asset data, which could impact decisions at the municipal level. The report also points out opportunities for all levels of government to strengthen asset management programs that can ultimately support better infrastructure decisions. What did we find?
– Municipalities of all sizes indicated that the most important data for developing long-term infrastructure plans and reducing reactive maintenance activities is assessed condition data
– 65% of respondents indicated that 50% or less of their condition data is objective (assessed condition)
– 22% indicated that they are utilizing a completely reactive approach to asset investment decisions
– 51% of survey respondents have completed an asset management plan, but only 19% update their plan on an annual basis

Download the full report here to see more of our survey findings, as well as two comprehensive case studies featuring leading asset management data practices.

What’s next?

Asset management data collection and utilization has a proven positive impact on the outcomes of municipal asset management programs. What is the potential for high-quality asset management data to help address climate change adaptation and resiliency challenges at the local level? If you are interested in this applied research topic, contact us here.