The Saskatchewan Government will be fast tracking Municipal Revenue Sharing (MRS) for 2020-21 in response to COVID-19. MRS funds are a secure source of funding given to compliant municipalities throughout the year. However, all funds will be directly paid out to municipalities in June rather than in installments throughout the year. The funding can be used on any program or service that the municipality sees as important and essential to their community. The current money available through MRS is $278 million and is based on .75 of one point of PST from two years prior.

In addition to the MRS, Saskatchewan announced a $320 million stimulus for municipal infrastructure. $150 million through the new Municipal Economic Enhancement Program, $130 million through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program and $46 million worth of funding for municipal roads and airports.

The Manitoba Government also announced $500 million to increase infrastructure investments as a part of an economic stimulus package to restart the Manitoba economy amid COVID-19. This funding is a part of the Manitoba Restart Program which will expand on already-planned infrastructure investments of $3 billion over the next two years. The program will include new:

  • Water and sewage projects through the Municipal Water Services Board
  • Road and highway resurfacing repairs
  • Bridge repairs
  • Municipal infrastructure priorities
  • Potential new cost sharing construction projects with other levels of government