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The GMI serves to audit existing GIS programs with real-time accurate and comprehensive comparative data for public sector organizations to compare themselves against their peer groups and track their progress over time based on specific core competencies.

The GMI Survey

The survey consists of four sections: Organization Information, Readiness, Implementation, and Impact.
Respondents can complete the survey within SurveyMonkey at their own pace, with the application saving the latest entries into the survey as long as the survey is completed from the same IP address.
We encourage respondents to work collaboratively across relevant departments to complete the survey, facilitating the development of a corporate-wide view of your GIS program.
All survey participants will receive a complimentary report comparing themselves to the national average.
Members of the GMI will receive a full report, as well as access to the GMI Benchmarking Tool hosted
in Microsoft Power BI. Respondents’ survey answers will not be shared with any third parties.

Please contact Linda Wilson for the GMI Survey Walk-through Guide, Methodology and Membership details.

Survey Launched

May 18th

Survey Closes

July 6th

Results Reveal

July 23rd

The Geospatial Maturity Index was developed by PSD in partnership with York Region and Slimgim including the following advisors.


“We’re using the GMI, as well as some competency tools to track our maturity.
This will be integral in our roadmap to achieve our vision for Brampton. I think the GIS community was waiting for this.”

Matthew Pietryszyn, Team Lead, GIS & Open Data at City of Brampton

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