What it can do for your business

The FIR module provides an easy means to link your data to the FIR spreadsheets. Each time FIR is accessed, other CityWide Budget solutions are automatically checked and any updates are installed, which means users can be assured the latest data changes are captured. Multiple user profiles can be created, then merged into one document for submission to MMAH. Audit features allow users to view details of each cell or see a report for the entire schedule. FMW-FIR is compatible with the Smart FIR, introduced in 2016.

Cross Reference Individual Cells

(schedules / column / row combinations) in the FIR spreadsheets to your source system(s).

Save Time!

The FIR reporting is a very time consuming and labor intensive process. Our tool turns days of effort into minutes.

Key Features


  • A technology called Java Web Startâ„¢ is used to deploy the application.


  • Audit and Cross Reference reports provide a list of GL Accounts used within FIR which provides confirmation of completeness and allow data reconciliation.


  • FIR module can be used in conjunction with source data contained in CityWide FMW in an Excel spreadsheet, an ASCII text file or a SQL view or table.