The Federation of Canadian Municipalities released a “Learning Journey” for climate resilience and asset management. As Canadian municipalities are faced with the impacts of climate change, we are also entering a period of significant asset renewal. To support the sustainable delivery of services, “one of the most important things you can do is integrate climate change into your asset management practices and decision-making.” The Learning Journey includes four parts:

  1. An educational video to explain why climate change resilience can be built through asset management
  2. A fact sheet to guide the integration of climate change and asset management through a risk assessment process
  3. A fact sheet to guide the integration of climate change considerations into levels of service
  4. A complete guide that supports the integration of climate change considerations into municipal asset management

The guide includes a framework that describes how to develop infrastructure levels of service and risk frameworks with climate change considerations. The framework perfectly aligns with PSD’s Climate Adaptation and Asset Management Program (CAAMP). The four steps include identification, assessment, prioritization, and management.


The first step includes the identification of services areas, assets that support service provision, regional and local climate information, climate change hazards, and levels of service.

PSD: PSD delivers a climate change adaptation and asset management state of maturity workshop to identify the current and desired levels of service and the maturity of the municipality’s asset management program. Based on government data and staff testimonies, PSD determines the local regions climate history and projections and the potential climate risks to municipal assets and services.


The second step includes the determination of gaps between current and target levels of service, the assessment of climate change considerations on levels of service, and the assessment of risks from climate change.

PSD: PSD conducts a climate and asset management data gap analysis in addition to an analysis of the municipality’s maturity in integrating climate change considerations into risk management practices.


The third step includes the identification of strategies to address gaps and risks from climate change and the determination of preferred strategies to mitigate or adapt to climate change.

PSD: PSD develops a Climate Change Adaptation Plan with a full set of prioritized recommendations to adapt municipal services and infrastructure to the local regions current and future climate.


The final step includes the integration of actions into asset management plans and the monitoring of progress and exploration of opportunities to continuous improvement.

PSD: PSD’s Climate Change Adaptation Plan is developed to fully align with the municipality’s existing asset management program. The recommendations provided in the Plan support continuous monitoring of progress and improvement of the municipality’s climate adaptation and asset management program.

To learn more about PSD’s Climate Adaptation and Asset Management Program (CAAMP) click here.