CityWide Enterprise GIS

A complete, customizable GIS solution for your organization

CityWide Enterprise GIS (EGIS) is a fully-managed desktop, web, server, and mobile solution that combines powerful proprietary and open source software. Use as a standalone system or seamlessly integrate with CityWide Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS).

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Full Integration With CityWide EAMS

EGIS works with CityWide EAMS to enable editing, creation, and management of asset data across the CityWide platform.

No Fees for
More Users

There are no fees for additional users so every relevant department in your organization can use CityWide EGIS.

Full Workflow

PSD’s experts will painlessly migrate existing workflows to EGIS or assist you with creating new ones.

Centralized Data & Improved Data Integrity

Store all GIS data in one secure, fully-managed database to ensure organization-wide data integrity.

Streamlined Mobile Data Collection

A cost-effective, custom solution for mobile data collection that syncs with the EGIS platform.

Full Training
& Support

In-depth initial training and extensive advanced training sessions offered by PSD’s experts as well as hands-on support when needed.