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FMW v7

FMW v6

FMW-FIR Module for Ontario Municipalities

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Step 1. If you do not have a Java run-time installed you will need to install from the Java website using the link below.   If you do have a Java run-time available proceed to step 2.

Install Java from

Step 2. Download.
Launch FMW FIR 2017 .

Launch FMW FIR 2016 .

Release notes

For previous versions of FIR please contact Support

FIR Handbook  (pdf format)

If you are a visitor to the website please feel free to download this document. It is not subject to the same copyright restrictions as the components above.

Alternative installations :  The following are standard installation packages.   Installing using these will not have the advantage of dynamic updates.  These installation packages are self contained – you do not need to go through step 1 or 2 above.





For previous versions of FIR please contact Support

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