Installation and Updates for authorized CityWide Budgeting (FMW) users only.

Using FMW with Java 11 – Action Required

FMW v7

FMW v6

FMW-FIR Module for Ontario Municipalities

FIR Documentation: FIR Handbook (pdf format)

Previous Version: FIR Handbook 2019 (pdf format) | FIR Release notes

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Please do not download unless you have a valid license agreement with PSD Inc. or otherwise have been granted permission to download and use the software.


Option 1: Auto Updating (Recommended)

Requires Java 8, 9 10 or FMW Launcher

Launch Auto-Updating FMW FIR 2020 (.jnlp format)
Previous Version: Launch Auto-Updating FMW FIR 2019 (.jnlp)

Option 2: Install FIR

It is recommended to use Option 1 to benefit from not having to uninstall and re-install FIR if we upload updates.
Download Installable FIR 2020 (64bit | .exe format |  Not Auto-Updating)

Download Installable FIR 2020 (32bit | .exe format |  Not Auto-Updating)

For previous versions of FIR please contact