PSD is inviting 10 to 12 participants to join the Climate Change and Asset Management Resiliency Roadmap (CARR) Pilot program. The Pilot is exploring the opportunity to bring together the principles of Oxford’s UKCIP Adaptation Wizard, Stanford’s probability management modelling and PSD’s Asset Management Roadmap. The program will include three phases: Assessment and Governance, Risk and Lifecycle Analysis, and Performance Measurement and Implementation.

Climate change adaptation and asset management planning both contribute to strengthening the resiliency of local governments. Aligning climate change adaptation with asset management program development saves time and resources and can have a greater impact on infrastructure resiliency compared to engaging in these strategic initiatives independently. For most local governments, the capacity to conduct asset management and climate change adaptation activities is already limited – adding the complexity of coordinating these efforts may seem impractical.

A successful strategy for local governments to build capacity and maturity in any area of practice is to follow a proven roadmap to results. With cross-departmental support and – where needed – support from external experts, municipalities can build the team and processes required to strengthen infrastructure resiliency. A climate change and asset management resiliency roadmap takes a municipality through the steps needed to build that team, taking the research and guesswork out of the equation and saving the municipality time and money.

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