Climate change is increasing the frequency and intensity of flooding, droughts, forest fires, extreme events, and warmer temperatures. These phenomena pose a risk to municipal infrastructure and the delivery of services. Asset management practices are intended to enable the sustainable delivery of services, however, climate change threatens the ability to deliver services to the community without compromising the needs of future generations.

Municipalities must be proactive. Climate change adaptation strategies can increase the resiliency of municipal infrastructure, help maintain levels of service, and reduce the costs associated with managing the risks of climate change. Integrating climate change considerations into the municipality’s asset management program is one of the most effective avenues to prepare for the impacts of the changing climate.

PSD is currently delivering Phase 1 of the Climate Change and Asset Management Resiliency Roadmap (CARR). CARR was developed and is delivered in partnership with Oxford University’s UK Climate Impacts Program (UKCIP). The first phase of the roadmap prepares the community for climate change by assessing the community’s capacity to address climate change with a focus on asset management practices. Phase I concludes with a corporate climate change adaptation plan that will guide local governments in their efforts to build resiliency.

In Progress

Phase I: Assessment & Governance 

Virtual Training Session

Access to a network of professionals, peers, and resources to build organizational capacity as it relates to asset management and climate change adaptation.

Climate Change Adaptation & Asset Management State of Maturity Workshop

State of maturity assessment workshops delivered on-site with senior management and staff from all municipal departments.

Core Infrastructure Data Analysis

Assessment of the state of asset management and climate data to provide a clearer picture of the quality of data the municipality has at its disposal.

Climate Change Adaptation Plan

Tailored Climate Change Adaptation Plan as the culminating document for Phase 1 of the Roadmap. The Adaptation Plan defines the climate change trends and impacts in the municipal region, the state of the municipality’s climate change adaptation and asset management maturity, an analysis of core infrastructure data, and climate change adaptation recommendations.

PSD is still accepting interested municipalities for Phase I of the Pilot. Click here to learn more.

Future Phases

Phase II: Risk & Lifecycle Analysis

Phase III: Performance Measurement & Implementation