What it can do for your business

Capital Planning & Analysis (CPA) is a financial modelling solution that enables public sector organizations to develop long-term financial plans based on multiple scenarios and prioritize projects based on lifecycle events, risk, condition, and levels of service.

Easy and Effective Communication

Can easily and effectively communicate total funding needs, tax and user rate change requirements.

Long-term Strategic Planning

Both a powerful tool for long-term strategic planning as well as reporting and communication.

Bridge the Gap between Staff and Taxpayers

Communicate your results to not only internal staff but to council and the public.

Key Features


  • Supports the development of your strategic financial plan
  • Develop your multi-year operating & capital plans including growth projects


  • Reserve Planning & Management
  • Manage revenue sources and one-time funding
  • Debt Management
  • Allocate funding to projects


  • Prioritize projects based on risk, condition, lifecycle strategies, and location
  • Analyze all assets and services to build coordinated projects


  • Develop multiple scenarios for real-time comparison
  • Compare tax & user rate requirements and the impact on your plans & citizens
  • Forecast optimal funding requirements


  • Seamless integration with GIS to visualize or build all projects from a map
  • Easily communicate your plans

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