What it can do for your business

Capital Plan allows you to forecast your capital project resource requirements today and into the future. Have each project easily associated with a department, related projects, project manager, location and any other attribute you define. Plan for the financial impact of each capital project including the impact on the operating budget where projects result in increased or decreased operating costs.

Rank and prioritize projects

at a departmental or corporate level. Projects can also be viewed in terms of how well each aligns with corporate priorities.

Manage your Funding sources

with opening balances, current year commitments, future year commitments, transfers, and interest calculations where applicable with the projected closing balance for each fund.

Shift projects

forward or backwards when projects are not approved this year and you will want to request it again in a future year.

Key Features


  • Scenario management and analysis is supported through the use of multiple versions
  • Exercise comprehensive control of the budget through use of the multi-level workflow system


  • A carefully designed and selected package of standard reports
  • Allows decision makers to view the portfolio of projects from a variety of angles.


  • Projects can span a number of years and changes are made from year to year
  • Historical data from both budget and actuals can be presented to the user to assist with variance analysis and projections.


  • Capture project summaries, explanations, justifications
  • Collect other descriptive and informative data as required such as Project Status, Location, Completion Date, etc.


  • Data can be accessed by the Reporting tool to allow user-defined reports to be produced
  • Present the data in multiple ways by slicing and dicing it using collected attributes.