Last week, Manitoba and Yukon have both moved forward with the release of their 2020 Budgets, and Saskatchewan provided its 2020 Fiscal Update.

Saskatchewan Fiscal Update 2020

Saskatchewan released a fiscal update providing detail on spending over 2019 and projections for 2020-21, mainly to explain what the Government is doing amid COVID-19. The spending estimates for 2020-21 are mainly focused around increases in health care, as well as increased spending towards climate change mitigation and adaptation (up to $7.2 million) and an increase in municipal revenue sharing (up $27 million from last year).

You can find the fiscal estimate here.

Manitoba Budget 2020

The Manitoba Government released their 2020 Budget with a focus on four key areas: providing better services, protecting our environment, making our communities safer and stronger and making life more affordable. Some of the core investments include:

  • $250 million in rural and northern healthcare, digital health supports and infrastructure investments in projects and program delivery
  • $160 million for K-12 education capital projects
  • $45 million for climate resiliency projects throughout the province
  • The highways capital budget rises by $12.5 million to $362.5 million
  • Strategic infrastructure, including roads, bridges, flood protection, hospitals, schools, universities and colleges is guaranteed an annual investment of more than $1 billion and is up to $1.8 billion throughout 2020-21
  • Over $107 million in municipal support for 2019-20
  • The Climate and Green Plan will invest $25 million in an energy efficiency retrofit program for existing homes and commercial buildings

Overall, the Manitoba Budget 2020 is making considerable investments in capital projects for education, health care and infrastructure improvements. In addition, the Budget is making significant funds available towards climate change adaptation/mitigation efforts by local governments.

You can find the Manitoba 2020 Budget here.

Yukon Budget 2020

The Yukon Government released their 2020 Budget with a focus on seven key areas: housing, supporting Yukon’s diverse economy, health and well being, investing in our clean future, education, health services, and investing in infrastructure. Some of the core investments include:

  • $3.6 million for the housing initiatives fund
  • $120 million over 4 years to improve energy efficiency in Yukon
  • $1 million to manage water resources responsibly
  • $218 million to modernize education and support Yukon students
  • $65.2 million for social supports, mental wellness and substance use programs
  • $87 million for transportation infrastructure

The Government is investing a large amount in several areas for Yukon citizens. A large component of this Budget is an investment in green initiatives across the Territory, with a big portion going towards energy retrofit programs, sustainable agriculture and wildfire management. Further, the Budget is investing a considerable amount in capital planning and projects and asset management, ensuring that the management of key infrastructure is being done sustainably.

You can find the Yukon 2020 Budget here.