About Us

PSD is a global leader in the provision of enterprise asset management and budgeting research, consulting and software.

Complex government challenges require holistic solutions. PSD’s approach combines integrated enterprise asset management and budgeting software with industry leading consulting services to provide complete support to our clients.

  • Our Software applications include CityWide Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), consisting of a core asset register with built-in decision optimization, Asset Maintenance Management System (AMMS) with Customer Service Integration, a capital planning module, integrated GIS, and a permitting and inspections module, and CityWide Enterprise Budgeting, consisting of operating, capital and salary planning modules.
  • PSD’s Consulting Services include the delivery of asset management and financial plans and the development of asset management programs and strategic frameworks. Our team of IAM certified consultants offer training in asset management and our implementation specialists assist clients with improving data and systems maturity.
  • With an in-house Research and policy group, PSD ensures that our tools and services are based on the most up-to-date industry best practices and standards and adhere to legislative and funding requirements in each jurisdiction. Our research team publishes Public Sector Digest – the leading North American publication for asset management, budgeting and climate change adaptation research for the public sector.

As a company, we strive to offer our clients innovative and complete solutions to their asset management and budgeting needs, contributing to the development of mature and manageable programs.

Come Work With Us!

We are a globally oriented company with a passion for our local community. We value creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. Our staff members enjoy competitive salaries, group benefits, and a generous RRSP matching contribution program.


Current Positions

Changes to the Hiring Process during COVID-19 Pandemic

We’re Still Hiring!

Although COVID-19 has brought countless organizations and communities to a halt, we at PSD continue to innovate and bring new ways of helping our clients through delivering high quality projects to meet their community’s needs. We’re continuing to hire and have adapted our recruitment process to meet the needs of this changing world.

Remote Interviews

We’ve established a strong protocol for screening applicants and have been able to adapt to remote and virtual interviews. We take the time to get to know our candidates through phone and video conversations.

Collaborative Tools

Our interviewers will continue to find the best candidates for the position through our collaborative tools and platforms to help candidates share ideas.

More Flexibility in uncertain times

We understand scheduling demands may change as candidates juggle life and a job search in these uncertain times. We are open to scheduling interviews to best accommodate life at home and we love when family members and pets pop into view – ours may make an appearance too!

Remote onboarding

Here at PSD we strive to develop the latest technology to create efficiencies for our clients – this is the case for our own processes as well. New employees can start where they are as we provide them with the tools and resources to do so. Then, PSD will support relocation when the time is right. Our onboarding process is adaptable for virtual accessibility, creating multiple opportunities for new employees to connect with trainers throughout their first week and meet their teammates.



Tools & Technology

  • CityWide Asset Manager + Asset Collector
  • CityWide Route Patrol
  • CityWide Decision Support
  • Open Forum: CityWide Maintenance Manager

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Leadership & Best Practice

  • Asset Management Program Development for Local Government and Utilities
  • Understanding and Developing a Levels of Service Framework
  • Condition Assessment of Infrastructure Assets
  • Understanding and Development a Risk Framework

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